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Transformed from its days of navigating the bustling streets of Tel Aviv on route 26, this extra-long “concertina” bus has found a new lease on life as our charming Family Desert Hotel. Amidst the vast openness of the desert, this retired bus now welcomes guests to experience the tranquility of its surroundings. Our Family Desert Hotel, a delightful extension of Zimmerbus, offers a cozy haven with thoughtful amenities for both adults and children alike.

Step inside to discover two bedrooms adorned with touches of comfort and style. The bathroom, complete with a relaxing tub, invites guests to unwind after a day of exploration in the desert. A fully-equipped kitchenette ensures that families have the convenience of preparing meals, adding a touch of home to the desert experience. The sitting area, adorned with Oriental carpet hangings on the walls, exudes warmth, making it a perfect spot to share stories or simply enjoy the serenity.

Venturing outside, our Family Desert Hotel surprises with a spacious patio designed for family gatherings. A large wooden dining table invites guests to savor meals al fresco, while a hammock sways gently in the desert breeze, providing the ultimate spot for relaxation. The ping pong table offers a playful diversion for both kids and adults and a refreshing swimming pool beckons under the desert sun.

At the front of the bus, a unique transformation awaits. The original driver’s seat and wheel have been repurposed to create a whimsical children’s playroom, adding an element of fun and nostalgia. Here, young guests can let their imaginations run wild in a space that once navigated the bustling city streets.

The Family Desert Hotel at Zimmerbus goes beyond accommodation; it creates an immersive experience for families seeking a blend of adventure and comfort in the heart of the Negev desert. With its thoughtful design and family-friendly amenities, this repurposed bus ensures that every moment spent in the desert is a cherished memory for guests of all ages.

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Air-conditioning / heating
Fully-equipped kitchenette
Tea, coffee, olive oil and spices
Bathroom with tub
Towels and linen
BBQ facilities
Outside patio with garden
Outside swimming pool
Hammock Children’s’ Playroom
Ping pong table
Outside dining table and chairs
Under-cover parking
Laundry service (extra fee)
Free Wi-Fi

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