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Ezuz vacation is an extraordinary experience awaiting those seeking a retreat in this small ecotourism village perched on a hilltop in the Israeli side of the Sinai desert. Embark on an Ezuz vacation and immerse yourself in a landscape that unfolds like a Biblical tale, with little desert valleys and distant high mountains on the horizon. The rich archeology, spanning from the Stone Age to the Ottoman period, tells the story of the Children of Israel, making Ezuz a captivating destination for an Ezuz vacation.

Home to 18 families, Ezuz in Israel is a mere 1-hour drive from Beersheva, yet stands as the most remote village in Israel. An Ezuz vacation offers a colorful mosaic of guestrooms, art studios, and cafes, creating a unique charm for travelers seeking a peaceful escape in the Negev desert. Explore the open nature during your Ezuz vacation, with mapped bicycle routes crisscrossing the ancient paths of the Hebrew people, making every moment of your Ezuz vacation an adventure through history.

Birdwatchers flock to this area during an Ezuz vacation to witness the Macqueen’s Bustard and other lifers, turning the early morning tranquility into a birdwatching utopia. Whether you desire to kick back and breathe in the open spaces, indulge in culinary delights, or be inspired by artisan workshops, an Ezuz vacation is the perfect opportunity. Come and live the past in the present with a vision for the future during your Ezuz vacation!

Contacts for things to do in Ezuz:

Café Ezuz: Highly recommended for breakfast or a dairy meal. Great atmosphere and tasty food! www.cafe-ezuz.co.il or call Eyal Tubul: 054-4226330

Pottery Studio: Come and see Shachaf Gibon’s lovely ceramic handcrafts or organize (in advance) a pottery workshop with her. Shachaf: 054-2224908

Jeep or walking tours of the area can be arranged with Gilboa Golan: 052-8039312 or [email protected]

Chan Beerotayim: For camel safaris or a tasty meat meal in an authentic Spice Route setting: 08-6555788

Tson Beerotayim: delicious organic goat cheeses and yoghurt available in Ezuz from Celia

Studio Tobiana: professional theatre mask-maker – Pierre 054-7937766

The Karon: a variety of handcrafts on sale with the option of doing a craft workshop. Call Soizik: 052-8481469

Yehudit’s jewellery – amazing bead-work : 08-8609713

In the Area of Ezuz

A 10 minute drive from Ezuz are the Nizzana Hillocks (white chalk-stone formations fun to explore with children), the Nizzana cave and Tel Nizzana (ancient Nabatean ruins on a hill).

In Kadesh Barnea – Beit Hadvash /The Honey House invites you to see inside their hive with glass sides. Their little shop sells delicious honey and other bee products.

The Ramat HaNegev Winery also in Kadesh Barnea has excellent local wine.

Shirat Ha Midbar Herb Farm in Beer Milcah (a 20 minute drive from Ezuz) offers tours of their medicinal herb farm, natural cosmetics and workshops for children. Call Golan Cohen 052-7021650 to organize a tour.

This is also the sand dune area – great fun for children!

Shivta is Nabatean ruins (situated a half hour drive from Ezuz) well worth visiting. Ami and his family live in part of the ruins where they offer delicious meat meals in their little restaurant. Advance ordering is essential. Call Dinah: 050-7383802

Mizpe Ramon with the famous Ramon Crater is one to one and a half hour’s drive from Ezuz. On the way to the crater one can stop at Ben Gurion’s desert home in Sede Boker and enjoy the spectacular view of the Tzin valley from Ben Gurion’s grave at the Ben Gurion College. There is also the desert oasis of Ein Ovdat and the ruins of Ovdat.

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