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  Eyal and Avigail Hirshfeld met in 1996 while working as scuba diving instructors in Dahab on the Red Sea. He was from Israel and she was born in South Africa. They continued backpacking together, married and gave birth to their first child in a teepee in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. Returning to Israel, they settled in a little village called Ezuz in the Negev desert close to the Sinai border. The best part of travelling was meeting people so they recycled 3 buses into guestrooms adding all the loving touches that make a place comfortable and memorable. Zimmerbus was a big hit so in 2015 they decided to expand their hospitality business to the Old City in Beersheba. There they restored two 100 year old stone houses into luxurious guestrooms. The Hirshfeld family continues to live in Ezuz with their 9 children (all born at home).

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